Please Note: All of the following rules come from the Venture Out Rules and Regulations book "Exhibit E". They have been compiled and summarized to better accommodate and inform our short term tenants.

The full Rules and Regulations book is available for public view located under the "Document Center" tab, then select the "Governing Documents" tab followed by "Rules and Regulations". 

Venture Out is not responsible for any lost or stolen personal items or unit malfunctions (lack of cleanliness, broken lights, etc.) Renters should contact the owner they rented through or the designated property manager for any issues concerning the unit/lot rented. NOTE: Electrical pedestal issues and common ground issues are the exception. Notify the Guard House or Management Office to report pedestal/common ground issues. 

Registration Rules Summary.pdf

Pool and Spa Rules.pdf

Pet Rules .pdf

Vehicle & Parking Rules.pdf

RV Rules.pdf